Standard Lender Fees

Underwriting: $1095.00

Express Mail Fee: $95.00

Quality Control-Compliance: $95.00

Lender Processing Services: $450.00

Appraisal Primary Residence: $450.00 Investment Property: 700.00

Appraisal Review: $125.00

*please note additional 3rd party fees like title/escrow, HOA document fees, etc may apply depending on transaction and or property.

Contract Underwriting Fee

An additional upfront underwriting fee of $995.00 is required for investment property transaction, transactions with an LTV greater than 80%, as well as refinances of properties purchased less than 6 months ago.(delayed Financing) Also when underwriting turntimes are impacted by high loan volumes the contract UW fee can be used as an option for rush underwriting.

The Contract Underwritng Fee is a non-refundable fee and is in addition to our normal underwritng fees paid at the close of escrow.